Services & Rates

ruth digicomEach project has its own unique needs and quite often the process evolves as we work together. I’m open and flexible to this and once we begin working together I am committed to helping deliver the best script possible.

For each script I work on, I draw on my experience reading screenplays, developing material and working in film and television production and distribution. I look at six main areas: character, relationships, dialogue, structure, story execution & marketability. I always start with character and make sure the protagonist has an emotionally satisfying arc and full transformation. I look for a unifying theme, a clear, unique hook and a solid structure that escalates with tension and urgency. I find ways to bring out the writer’s voice and style so that the script feels like an original story with a distinct voice.

When we decide to work together you are not alone in the process. I work with you every step of the way even after you’ve received your notes or we’ve had our phone consultation. All services include unlimited e-mail access for one month following receipt of the notes or completion of our phone conference.

Every project is unique and I am committed to finding a way for us to work together that fits your budget, timing, experience and goals. Below are some of the ways we can work together but before we begin let’s set up a time to discuss your project and plan how best to proceed. Contact me at to set up a time to talk.

Sticky Notes

Specific notes directly on your script and a 30 minute feedback phone / skype call to discuss.  Looking for feedback on character, structure and dialogue in line edit form? This is the way to go.  (Script needs to be submitted in Final Draft or a PDF.)

Script Read

Script analysis followed by one 2 hour phone/skype feedback session to discuss the material in detail.

As above this is a great way to get detailed and specific feedback with the immediacy of a one-on-one conversation particularly when you’re looking for an initial read before moving on to more in-depth feedback via a lengthier session or notes.

Script Read & Revision Plan Review

Script analysis followed by two (2) feedback sessions to discuss the material in detail. First session is a phone/skype call or in person meeting (no time limit) to go over the initial feedback and the second session is a one hour phone/skype call to discuss the revision plans and any followup questions.

This is a great way to get specific, detailed, thorough feedback on your project with the added immediacy of a one-on-one conversation on both the script and your plans for the revision. Can include co-writer, director and producer(s) if they are attached.

 Script Notes – Short Form

Seven to ten pages of story notes. I address the six main script areas (character, relationships, dialogue, structure, story execution and marketability) in a detailed way by offering broad stroke comments as to what’s working and what could be strengthened. I also offer specific suggestions intended to spark your own creative solutions to story problems.  Also includes a one-hour follow up phone conference.

Click here for a sample of my short form notes.

Script Notes – Long Form

Fifteen pages of in-depth story notes.  These notes are extremely detailed and also use the six main areas (character, relationships, dialogue, structure, story execution and marketability) as a framework to look at what’s working and what could be strengthened. I offer concrete solutions intended to spark your own ideas for the rewrite.  Also includes a one-hour follow up phone conference.

These long form notes and follow up discussion are considerably more extensive than the short form notes and are designed to outline a clear plan for the rewrite. The notes are often used for projects that have a production team in place and can include discussions with the writer(s), director and producer(s).

Click here for a sample of my long form notes.  

Short Film Screenplays

Analysis of your short film screenplay (up to 55 pages) which we discuss in detail in a two-hour phone conference.

Outline/Synopsis/Treatment Read

Analysis of your outline, synopsis or treatment, which we discuss in detail in a two-hour phone conference.

Story Meeting

This option is a meeting to discuss your script in detail. We will break down the script scene-by-scene and brainstorm solutions to story issues. The meeting can include character analysis, theme development, structure and plotting, rewrites of individual scenes, new index cards and/or constructing an outline for the revision.


Sometimes it’s better to plan ahead and come up with a package that includes several drafts.

Perhaps you’re at the initial stages of writing your script and want input on the outline and the first few drafts. Or maybe you’ve written the first draft and want feedback to help you take it to a solid second draft. A package rate can be arranged that gives you a combination of notes, in-person or phone conferences, story meetings and unlimited e-mail access through several drafts.

Please note: There are no refunds on prepaid packages.