Too Busy to Blog

April 23rd, 2012  Posted at   script consulting
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Wow. It’s been months since I’ve posted anything. When I launched my website and started this blog I had lofty intentions of posting weekly. Ha! Then I promised myself I’d post monthly. Hmmm. Every other month maybe… Well here it is 10 months since my last post and you can see where all those good intentions got me.

So where have I been? Basically too busy to blog.

Yup, between reading for Sundance and Screen Queensland, mentoring writers at FIND for Project:Involve, consulting on individual projects (comedies, dramas, thrillers and horrors – the past few months I’ve read it all!) and co-writing a comedy with a stand up comedian blogging has fallen to the wayside. (Oh and I also moved which really isn’t any fun no matter how you look at it. )

While being too busy to blog is kind of the problem you want to have (as opposed to needing a root canal for example) I’m back with a renewed commitment to keeping my blog up to date no matter how busy I am.

Hope to see you here weekly, well ok, how about monthly for starters?

And in the meantime you can always follow me on twitter @ruth_atkinson somehow 140 characters is easier to keep up than a full blog entry!



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