World Traveler

January 5th, 2011  Posted at   script consulting
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This past year I’ve gotten to know several lunatics, gone on a handful of road trips, experienced the struggles of an inter-racial couples in both the deep south and East LA, endured winter in the Sierra Nevada foothills in the late 1800’s, grieved along with a young boy who lost his mother in rural South Africa, took part in the 1989 uprising in Tiananmen Square, longed for Santa to bring a coveted Christmas toy, went on a couple of reality shows, visited Japan with a jaded school girl and took a vow of silence in Uzbekistan.

All of these amazing worlds, and more, I found in the pages of the scripts I’ve worked on. As a story editor I get to travel the world without having to stand in line at the Jet Blue ticket counter or debate whether or not I should let security “touch my junk.” So to all the writers I’ve worked with this year thank you for letting me inhabit your worlds without having to cram myself into an economy seat or deal with a surly flight attendant who’s stingy with the liquor.

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